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Born 1962 in Bronxville, New York. Lives in New York City.

Erin O’Keefe is a visual artist and an architect. Her work explores both the specific properties of photography and many of the material and theoretical concerns of architecture. She is in conversation with a lineage of photographers from Florence Henri and others in the early 20th century to Barbara Kasten, who started exhibiting in the early 1970s, to contemporaries who are also examining photography on an elemental level specific to the digital age.

Erin O’Keefe received her Master of Architecture degree from Columbia University and her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Cornell University. O’Keefe’s most recent solo exhibition was Book of Days at Denny Gallery in 2017. Other recent exhibitions include Ampersand Gallery in Portland, OR, Albada Jelgersma in Amsterdam, Gallery Jones in Vancouver, Inside Out Upside Down at The Photographer’s Gallery in London, (Not So) Still Life at Wave Hill in Bronx and Big Nothing in Sous Les Etoiles Gallery in New York. She has been featured in ArtforumThe New Yorker, Collector Daily, Huffington Post, Musée Magazine and Paper Journal.

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Seeing Things
Book of Days
Pop Up at 150 East Broadway: The City & The City
Things as They Are


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