Jessie Edelman







Born 1986 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Lives in Brooklyn, New York.


Jessie Edelman’s paintings generate layers of fictional spaces, which may be film screens, paintings, photos, or distant vistas, often including a human subject in the foreground witnessing the scene alongside the viewer. The exuberance of Edelman’s colors and elegance of her brushwork are echoed by the timeless Mediterranean-esque locations, such as views from poolside of a villas on a bluff or opulently decorated seaside terraces. Late 19th century and early 20th century artists such as Cézanne, Degas, and Rothko have stylistically influenced her work. She is equally informed by the development of visual culture that occurred in this period and is ongoing today.

Jessie Edelman lives in New York. She received her MFA from the Yale School of Art in 2013. She had solo exhibitions at Denny Dimin Gallery (New York, NY), Andrew Rafacz Gallery (Chicago, IL), and Robert Blumenthal (New York, NY) and a two-person exhibition (with David Humphrey) at The Suburban (Milwaukee, WI). Recent group exhibitions include 0.0 Gallery (Los Angeles, CA), Dirimart (Istanbul, Turkey), Paula Estey Gallery (Newburyport, MA), Bahamas Biennale (Detroit, MI), Anahita Art Gallery (Tehran, Iran), and Circuit 12 Contemporary (Dallas, TX). She has recently exhibited at art fairs in Miami and San Francisco. Her work has been reviewed or featured in i-D Magazine, The Art Newspaper, Vice, Brooklyn Magazine, Artnet News, and Vogue.

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Jessie Edelman: Muse (2018)
View  |  Purchase  | 
01.07.2022 - 02.26.2022
On the Map
09.12.2019 - 10.29.2019
10.17.2018 - 11.25.2018
Stills from “The End of Summer”
09.10.2016 - 10.16.2016
October 14, 2017 Gallery Meets World

Gallery Meets World No. 2: Nathaniel Brooks of Brooks Limited

Some of our clients are seasoned collectors, and some are just starting out, and we often rely on Denny Gallery to bring us artists who extend our vision from concept to reality. Their fresh and current perspective brings an excitement to the design process.

January 17, 2017 Press

Jessie Edelman Interviewed in WORK IN PROGRESS

WORK IN PROGRESS Issue 1: January 2017 By: Sholeh Hajmiragha Read on Work in Progress. This first issue of Work in Progress focuses on the medium of paint, presenting interviews with five artists who represent a range of approaches and styles within contemporary painting today.  It’s long been clear that despite Paul Delaroche’s claim in 1839 that painting is dead, the reality is actually quite the opposite. The artists showcased in this issue are all critically engaged with challenging and evolving painting’s…Read More

October 04, 2016 Press

Jessie Edelman featured in Brooklyn Magazine

“Scene Stealer: Jessie Edelman” By Rachel Miller | October 4, 2016 Read on Brooklyn Magazine “The beginning of the article should be like a classic starlet interview,” Jessie Edelman told me. “The old way, where you’re waiting for me at the bar, and you describe the moment I arrive—my eyes, my hair, my outfit—” She caught herself. “Or maybe not? You write it.” That same sweet, fiercely directorial framing tendency is a hallmark of Edelman’s paintings. Inside a careful, thin…Read More

September 09, 2016 Press

Interview with Jessie Edelman in Artnet News

“Jessie Edelman on Being a Painter in the Digital Media Age” by Henri Neuendorf Read on Artnet News Stepping into Jessie Edelman’s Brooklyn studio is like being transported to a different era. Her paintings hanging and leaning against the walls depict contemplative figures gazing into landscapes, reflecting an exciting contemporary interpretation of 19th and 20th century painting. Edelman applies paint to the canvas in vivid, textured brushstrokes and evidence of her technical approach is everywhere—it’s tough to find a patch of…Read More

September 09, 2016 Press

Jessie Edelman in Vogue’s Fall Art Guide

“Fall Art Guide: 13 Shows to See This Season” By Dodie Kazanjian Read on Vogue Labor Day is near, and another summer is fleeting. But the plethora of art shows to see this fall more than makes up for that. Here are a dozen of them I plan to see, along with some new artists I’m keeping an eye on: … New Artists to Watch: Jessie Edelman’s “Stills from ‘The End of Summer’ ” at Denny Gallery (September 10 to October 16)

September 06, 2016 Press

Jessie Edelman is one of “The Best Art Openings” in Brooklyn Magazine

“This Weekend: The Best Art Openings” By Rachel Miller, 9.6.16 Read on Brooklyn Magazine DENNY GALLERY: STILLS FROM “THE END OF SUMMER” — JESSIE EDELMAN Babes in trunks and bikinis, long gazes, and luxurious Mediterranean vistas: Fort Greene-based artist Jessie Edelman’s sweetly expansive paintings in Stills from “The End of Summer” at Denny Gallery are the ideal way to ignore hurricane season. If Vogue says you should go (and they do), you should definitely go. Plus I say you should go. So go. Opening: Saturday, September 10 6:00PM…Read More


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