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Born 1985, Tarrytown, NY

Justine Hill makes abstract paintings using elemental marks and shapes that are distinguished by color, value, and opacity.  She works by adding layers, which while physical and permanent, allude in form and opacity to digital painting tools. She works in both a traditional rectangular painting format and in sculptural, shaped canvases she calls “Cut Outs,” reminiscent of Elizabeth Murray. Hill writes, “the recent non-rectangular pieces are highly personified… they are creatures with their own quirky and complex stories.”

Justine Hill received her MFA from the University of Pennsylvania and her BA from the College of the Holy Cross. Hill’s most recent exhibitions include Bookends at David B. Smith Gallery in Denver (2019), Backdrops at Art-in-Buildings in New York (2019), Freestanding at Denny Gallery (2018), Movers and Shapers with Ali Silverstein at Victori + Mo in Brooklyn (2018) and a two-person at David B. Smith Gallery in Denver (2018). Her work is in significant collections including The Davis Museum (Wellesley, MA), The Columbus Metropolitan Library (Columbus, OH), Aby Rosen and Samantha Boardman, Francis J. Greenburger, Nordstrom (Los Angeles, CA), among many others. She has been in critically reviewed group shows such as Metamodern at Denny Gallery and Immediate Female at Judith Charles Gallery (New York). Her work has been reviewed or featured in Art in America, Hyperallergic, New York Magazine, The Observer, Westword, The Huffington Post, The Art Newspaper, Artsy, Artspace, Arte Fuse, and Two Coats of Paint.

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