Brent Birnbaum, Future Retrieval, Jessie Edelman, Sean Fader , Chan Ka Kiu Clair, Chilai Howard, Nicolas Grenier, Ho Sin Tung, Jon Key, Ip Wai Lung, Lau Wai, Dannielle Tegeder
On the Map

09.12.2019 - 10.29.2019



Maps are one of the earliest and most timeless forms of visual representation that help us understand the world. Maps purport to be scientific and objective, but in practice they are subjective views of the world, heavily influenced by cultural norms and centuries of history. On the Map takes the map as a starting point to examine contemporary practices of global exchange. Many artists in the exhibition explore the formal conventions of mapping for the purposes of their own work, while others refer to geographic movement in different ways.

On the Map is the second exhibition at Denny Dimin Hong Kong, and will include artists who are particularly situated in a global art world. These artists’ sense of their place “on the map” is an integral part of their practice.



09.12.19 Opening Reception | 7pm - 9pm |

Please join us for an opening reception for the artists.


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